Stranger than Fiction…

This week’s recommendations- “Stranger than Fiction…”

Senior: An Inconvenient Truth; Crop Circles; Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed; The Universe in a Nutshell; The Elements; The Outer Reaches of Life

Middle: Space, Stars, and Slimy Aliens; Shocking Electricity; Tsunamis; The Way the Universe Works; Micro-organisms; The Elements: The Building Blocks of the Universe

Junior: The Shocking World of Electricity with Max Axiom; Every Minute on Earth; Spiders; Why Headless Chickens Run; The Mystery of Black Holes; Amazing Animals

February 24th, 2019|

Fall in Love with a Book!

This week’s recommendations- “Fall in Love with a Book!”

Senior: Tough Love; Soulmates; Love Dreams; The History of Love; I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you; Love is a Dog from Hell; The Man Who Loved Only Numbers

Middle: Puppy Love; How to Break a Dragon’s Heart; Pig Heart Boy; Sisters, Super-creeps, & Slushy, Gushy Love Songs; Love Lessons; The Heart, Lungs, and Blood

Junior: Love, Peace, & Chocolate; Love Stinks!; Scout; Because of Winn Dixie; Heart of Gold; From the Heart; Love and Chicken Nuggets

February 8th, 2019|

Go Green!

This week’s recommendations- “Go Green!”

Senior: Wonders of Life; Fragile Earth; Turtles All the Way Down; The Good Earth; Bear Grylls: Gold of the Gods; The Jungle Books

Middle: Climate Change; Bridging the Energy Gap; Green Glass Beads; Why is Snot Green?; Anne of Green Gables

Junior: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Grow it, Eat it; Spud Goes Green; Green Smoke; Little House in the Big Woods; Wild in the Woods

February 1st, 2019|