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February 2020

Math & Technology

February 7th, 2020|

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Math & Technology”:

Senior: Professor Povey’s Perplexing Problems; Slicing Pizzas, Racing Turtles, and Further Adventures in Applied Mathematics; College Mathematics Through Baseball; Learn to Program with Scratch; Data Mining; Artificial Intelligence: Building Smarter Machines

Middle: Code Like a Girl; The Dark Web: The Covert World of Cybercrime; Digital Data Security; Piracy from the High Seas to the Digital Age; Computer Coding for Kids; The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

Junior: If… A Mind-Bending Way of Looking at Big Ideas & Numbers; Bio-Inspired Transportation and Communication; Bionic Bodies: High-tech Body Science; Artificial Intelligence; Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World; Codes and Codebreaking

January 2020

Sweet Reads

January 31st, 2020|

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Sweet Reads”:

Senior: Lovely War; Pride; Love, Simon; Field Notes on Love; Ethel & Ernest; Hidden Surprise Cakes

Middle: Puppy Love; Love Lessons; Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire; Cherry Crush; The Truth Behind Soft Drinks; Eat This! How Fast Food Marketing Gets You to Buy Junk (and how to fight back)

Junior: The Chocolate Chase; Love Stinks; Saving Winslow; Love and Chicken Nuggets; Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop; Cookbook for Girls

Art Attack

January 24th, 2020|

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Art Attack”:

Senior: The History of Photography; Decorated Skin: A World Survey of Body Art; Ways of Seeing; The Power of Comics; The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium; Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers

Middle: The Art of Origami; The Usborne Introduction to Modern Art; Creating the Cover for your Graphic Novel; Complete Book of Drawing; Chasing Vermeer; The Guggenheim Mystery

Junior: The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas; Vincent van Gogh; Famous Paintings; Roman Things to Make and Do; Leonardo da Vinci; The Mona Mousa Code

Earth Week

January 17th, 2020|

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Earth Week”:

Senior: Junk Raft: An ocean voyage and a rising tide of activism to fight plastic pollution; Development, Land Use, and Environmental Impact; The Economics of Clean Energy; Climate Change and Population Displacement; Eyes Wide Open: Going behind environmental headlines; The Paris Climate Agreement

Middle: The Climate Change Crisis; Renewable Resources and You; Biodegradability and You; Recycling and You; Defining and Discussing Climate Change; Planet Protection

Junior: Analyzing Disappearing Habitats; Climate Change and Food Production; Natural Resources Eco Facts; Climate Change Eco Facts; Pollution Eco Facts; Biodiversity Eco Facts

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