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Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Money”:

Senior: Fortune Makers: The leaders creating China’s great global companies; Freakonomics: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything; Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy; Cold War Capitalism; A History of the United States in Five Crashes; The Upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb, and the killer companies of the New Silicon Valley are changing the world

Middle: The Business Book: Big ideas simply explained; Front Desk; Millions; Managing your Money; Poverty and Economic Inequality; Fair Trade and Global Economy

Junior: Billionaire Boy; Double Fudge; Rose Rivers; Treasure Hunters; Money and Trade; Show Me the Money

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Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Multilingualism”:

Senior: Bitter schockolade (German); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Bulgarian); La haine qu’on donne (French); Le Petit Prince (Chinese); Las aventuras de Sherlock Holmes (Spanish); 1984 (Russian)

Middle: I See the Sun in Russia (Russian/English); Hanzi Alive (Chinese/English); Carp Streamers, Falling Rain (Japanese/English); Tiger and Dried Persimmon (Korean/English); The Honey Bird (Swahili/English); The Children of Lir (Irish/English)

Junior: The Year of the Monkey (Chinese/English); The Rooster and the Sun (Bengali/English); How to Build an Iglu and a Qamutiik (Inuktitut/English); Only a Toad (Hmong/English); Yeh-Hsien: A Chinese Cinderella (Hindi/English); Alphabetong Filipino (Filipino/English)

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New, Facts, & Information

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “News, Facts, & Information”:

Senior: Politics and Journalism in a Post-Truth World; Historical Revisionism; Mass Media; How Things Were… and How They Were Reported; Media Bias; Memes to Movements

Middle: The Information Revolution: Transforming the World Through Technology; How the Internet Changed the World; Privacy in the Digital World: Who’s Watching Us?; Breakout; The Dangers of Digital Addiction; DIY Make it Happen: YouTube Channel

Junior: The Cities We Live In; The Stuff We Buy; The Food We Eat; The Energy We Use; The Crops We Grow; The Houses We Build

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Justice and Fairness

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Justice and Fairness”:

Senior: Capitalism and Moral Responsibility; Fairness, Responsibility, and Welfare; Reproductive Rights; Big Pharma and Drug Pricing; Jim Crow Laws; Whistleblowers

Middle: After Gandhi: One hundred years of nonviolent resistance; All’s Faire in Middle School; Reproductive Technology: Indispensable or problematic?; The Native American Struggle; Fair Trade and You; Human Rights

Junior: Animal Research and Testing; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Emma Watson: Actress, Women’s Rights Activist, and Goodwill Ambassador; The Cardboard Kingdom; Understanding Right & Wrong; Animal Rights

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Short Stories

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Short Stories”:

Senior: The Lottery and other stories; The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and other stories; Metamorphosis and other stories; The Jungle Book; Oscar Wilde: Complete Short Fiction; Diary of a Madman and other stories

Middle: Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy; Other Worlds; Tales of Death and Dementia; Paws and Whiskers; Grimm’s Fairy Tales; Skin and other stories

Junior: Look Both Ways; The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and other stories; The Day She Saved the Doctor: Four stories from the Tardis; The White Horse of Zennor and other stories; Short: A book of very short stories; 10 Ten-Minute Stories

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Sora Summer

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Sora Summer”:

Senior: Firekeeper’s Daughter; Bluebird; Six Crimson Cranes; Project Hail Mary; The Inheritance Games; Ace of Spades

Middle: The Marvellers; New From Here; Lines of Courage; The Shape of Thunder; Linked; Yusuf Azeem is Not a Hero

Junior: Temple Alley Summer; Dragon Skin; When the Sky Falls; Consider the Octopus; Glasshouse of Stars; Maya and the Robot

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Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Water”:

Senior: The Global Water Crisis; Sounds in the Sea; Your Inner Fish; Dry; Junk Raft; Ocean

Middle: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch; Hydroelectricity; Avoiding Hunger and Finding Water; Melting Glaciers, Rising Seas; The Creation of Glaciers; Water Supply

Junior: Water; Monsters of the Deep; Sweeping Tsunamis; Raging Floods; Oceans; Wonderful Water

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Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Music”:

Senior: The Haters; Why Bob Dylan Matters; So You Wanna Be a Superstar? The Ultimate Audition Guide; Jazz Singing; Are Graphic Music Lyrics Harmful?; Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow: Chinese Pop Music and its Cultural Connotations

Middle: Solo; Operatic; Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?; Musicians: Celebrating the lives of inspirational people in black history; Introduction to Music; Making Music for Games

Junior: Trombone Shorty; Eugenia Lincoln and the Unexpected Package; Singing Sensation; Lin-Manuel Miranda; Music; Children’s Book of Music

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Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Secrets”:

Senior: Two Can Keep a Secret; Secret Weapons; All Out: The no-longer-secret stories of queer teens throughout the ages; Secret Lives; Summer of Secrets; The Secret Lives of Bees

Middle: The Book of Secrets; The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee; The Serpent’s Secret; The Mystery of the Secret Room; Emily Windsnap and the Siren’s Secret; The Secret Garden

Junior: The Valley of Lost Secrets; The Secret Seven; Secrets at Sea; The Secret Promise; If Stones Could Speak: Unlocking the secrets of Stonehenge; The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

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Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “History”:

Senior: Daily Life During the French Revolution; Unsung Heroes of World War II; The Arab-Israeli Conflict; The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis; Russian Revolution of 1917; Defining Documents in World History: Ancient World (2700 B.C.E.-c.500 C.E.)

Middle: The Split History of World War I; North Korea: A closer look at the secret state; Eyewitness to the Russian Revolution; The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; The Red Baron; Women in the Renaissance

Junior: Ancient Roman Technology; Guts & Glory: The Vikings; Pompeii; Stone Age; The Story of Tutankhamun

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Fantasy fiction

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Fantasy Fiction”:

Senior: The Unwanteds Island of Silence; Stars Above; How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse; There Will Come a Darkness; Damsel; The Candle and the Flame

Middle: The Frozen Telescope; The Serpent’s Secret; Serafina and the Black Cloak; Amari and the Night Brothers; Sky Song; The Midnight Lie

Junior: The Naughtiest Unicorn; Billy and the Mini Monsters; The Chicken Gave it to Me; The Angel of Nitshill Road; Fairy Unicorns; The Land of Roar

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Classic fiction

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Classic Fiction”:

Senior: Rebecca; Pride & Prejudice; Dracula; The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; The Picture of Dorian Gray; Lord of the Flies

Middle: The Jungle Book; The Hound of the Baskervilles; The Wind in the Willows; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; The Secret Garden; Frankenstein

Junior: Little House in the Big Woods; Heidi; The House at Pooh Corner; Emil and the Detectives; Pippi Longstocking; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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