Summer Reading

Please have a look at our Summer Reading Recommendations 2020 to inspire emerging readers to advanced readers of English, French, German, Spanish, or Russian. 

Titles in blue are available in the school library and may be borrowed during the academic year. Titles in purple have been added to the list in June 2020. Titles in red have been recommended by students.

Read what you like and like what you read: classics or comics, history or news, science or fantasy, digital or print…

Just keep reading!

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Return Library Books!

All library books are due to be returned by Friday, 19 June. (Please do not wait until the last day of school!)

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The Day Online News for Students

The St. George’s now has access to The Day, a news resource for students with daily articles on a wide range of current topics. Be sure to check out the translations of  articles into French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Polish!

IP authentication allows free access at school. For remote access, make sure you use the link in this post or from other library website pages.

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Gale Schools Databases

St. George’s now has a subscription to the Gale Schools suite of databases, including Gale General Onefile, Gale Ebooks, Gale High School Edition, and Gale News. These databases may be used by then entire St. George’s community, but are best suited for senior school students. IP authentication provides free access at school. Use this password for remote access: stgeorges3579.

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