Historical Fiction

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Historical Fiction”:

Senior: Refugee; Lovely War; Bluebird; Orphan Monster Spy; Chains; The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Middle: The Button War; Prairie Lotus; Live in Infamy; The Night Diary; When the Sky Falls; The Island at the End of Everything

Junior: In the Mouth of the Wolf; Kaspar- Prince of Cats; The Umbrella Mouse; Not Bad for a Bad Lad; Grenade; Goodnight Mister Tom

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Social Sciences

Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Social Sciences”:

Senior: Celebrity Culture; Fairness, Responsibility, and Welfare; Toxic Masculinity; Promotional Cultures; Caste; We are Power

Middle: Memes to Movements;Cultural Appropriation;Migration and Refugees; Women, Minorities, and Changing Social Structures; Media Bias; Mass Media

Junior: If the World Were a Village; Campaigning for Change; Equality & Diversity; How the Internet Changed the World; Changing Roles, Changing Lives; Refugees throughout History

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