More free ebooks on Covid 19

A new section on the Families page include links to free ebooks on Covid-19 in multiple languages. Books are sorted according to approximate maturity/reading level. This section will continue to be updated.

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Free Netflix Documentaries

Netflix is offering free access to a selection of documentaries via its YouTube channel. These films are available to anyone: a Netflix account is not required!

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Youth Poet Laureate’s Performance

Amanda Gorman, the U.S.’s inaugural youth poet laureate, offers words of inspiration to help get through this stressful time. Gorman performs one of her poems at the Los Angeles Central Public Library.

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Book about COVID-19

My Hero is You, by Helen Patuck, is a free ebook for children about Covid-19. Sara misses seeing her friends at school, and feels lonely and scared at home. She flies around the world with a dragon, teaching people how to keep safe during the pandemic. The book will be translated into Arabic, Chinese French, Russian, and Spanish.

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International Unicorn Day!

Celebrate International Unicorn Day 2020! On 9 April eighteen authors of unicorn books will be live streaming readings and demonstrations throughout the day. See the International Unicorn Day website for a schedule of events, links, activities, and ideas!

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Bear Hunt!

No Easter Egg Hunt this year? How about a Bear Hunt instead??

Students and staff of St. George’s International School are invited to collaborate on publishing our very own ebook! Our book is inspired by We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.

Submit to the librarian a photo of a teddy bear hiding in or around your house. Make sure you include your name and the location of the teddy bear! mbromo[at]

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