Epic (www.getepic.com), an online digital library for children up to age 12, is now offering our students free remote access at any time of the day, evening, or weekend from now until the end of June!

Epic offers 25,000 high-quality children’s books, audio books, learning videos, quizzes, and more. In addition to English materials, Epic also includes a selection of French, Spanish, and Chinese e-books. Epic is accessible on smartphones, tablets, or computers. (E-readers are no longer supported by Epic.)

Students in FS1 – Years 8 have Epic accounts at school. If you would like to free access to your child’s school account, please contact your teacher, tutor, or librarian. Using the “Students and Educators” login, enter the class code given to you by your teacher. Epic is available on laptops and tablets with internet connectivity. (E-readers are no longer supported.)