This page is designed to help parents keep their children engaged, intellectually stimulated, and healthy at home. Clicking on the hyperlinks below will connect you with internet resources that are always or temporarily free. Here are the types of resources you can find:

Websites for learning, playing, and exploring

Free ebooks about COVID-19 for early learners

Free ebooks about COVID-19 for junior readers

Free ebooks about COVID-19 for junior and middle readers

Health and well-being

Swiss Office of Public Health: Official information from Swiss Federation in German, French, Italian, & English.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Up-to-date information on COVID-19.

WHO (World Health Organization): Information and updates on the spread of COVID-19 in multiple languages.

Medicins Sans Frontières/ Doctors without Borders: This transnational site is short, sweet, to the point and has video and visual information.  It is in French and English and updated regularly.

Center for Disease Control (CDC): The CDC is usually a reliable source of information.

ABDO: This educational publisher is providing free access to its ebooks on illness prevention and facts, with titles on vaccines, epidemiology, and past outbreaks.

Kids Health form Nemours — Kids Health has information on COVID-19 for children in English and  Spanish and available in audio.  Other sections of their website have information for parent.

BrainPOP — Coronavirus – BrainPOP is a surprisingly entertaining, at time humorous, basic explanation of COVID-19 and needed precautions for elementary age children and young teens.

Graphic Medicine — A collection of online COVID-19 comics with links to and reviews of graphic novels about the experience of illness.

Child Mind Institute: Talking to kids about the coronavirus.

Kids Health: How to talk to your child about the coronavirus.

National Assoc. of School Psychologists: How to talk to your child about the coronavirus.

Social Distance Learning: Resources for families during distance learning.

Little Twisters Yoga: Free home yoga plans.

Voices of Youth: UNICEF’s online bulletin board where children and teenagers around the world discuss issues that affect their lives.


FactCheck: Use this site to check up on political claims. Monitors factual accuracy of politicians’ statements.

Hoax Slayer: A service that debunks or validates internet rumors and hoaxes.

Snopes: Fact-checking site for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. Submit a claim & researchers will investigate. Ratings: true, mostly true, false, or legend.

Opensources: A list of news sources categorized by type (fake, satire, bias, junk science, political, credible, etc.). Curated by professional librarians.

NewsGuard (Chrome): Green or Red “nutrition label” for websites. News sites are evaluated based on 9 standards of credibility & transparency.

Media Bias Fact Check Icon (Chrome, Firefox): Indicates level of political bias for current web page. Extreme, left, left-center, least biased, right-center, right, extreme.

Media Bias Facebook (Chrome, Firefox): Indicates level of political bias for news sources in Facebook feed.

Surfsafe (Chrome, Firefox, Opera): Evaluates authenticity of images. Yellow icon appears as a warning. Request a fact-check for a suspicious image.


Netflix is offering free access to a selection of documentaries via its YouTube channel. These films are available to anyone: a Netflix account is not required!

Collaborative ebook

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt All Around the World is an ebook created by our school community! Click on the image to read the book.

Author live streams

Dav Pilkey at Home: Dav Pilkey, author of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants books series, is live streaming and recording drawing lessons and read alouds! Join Dav live on Friday mornings at 8h EST. Sponsored by Library of Congress and Scholastic.

Lunch Doodles: Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence, writer, artist, and actor Mo Willems invites you to his studio! Draw, doodle, and write everyday live at 1pm EST!

Draw Every Day with JJK: Author and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka live streams (and records) writing and drawing lessons daily at 2pm EST.

Free webcomics for teens

Read alouds

Storyline: Well-known actors read children’s books aloud.

Story Time from Space: Astronauts read children’s books aloud from space!

Dad jokes