Check out this week’s recommendations based on the theme “Multilingualism”:

Senior: Bitter schockolade (German); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Bulgarian); La haine qu’on donne (French); Le Petit Prince (Chinese); Las aventuras de Sherlock Holmes (Spanish); 1984 (Russian)

Middle: I See the Sun in Russia (Russian/English); Hanzi Alive (Chinese/English); Carp Streamers, Falling Rain (Japanese/English); Tiger and Dried Persimmon (Korean/English); The Honey Bird (Swahili/English); The Children of Lir (Irish/English)

Junior: The Year of the Monkey (Chinese/English); The Rooster and the Sun (Bengali/English); How to Build an Iglu and a Qamutiik (Inuktitut/English); Only a Toad (Hmong/English); Yeh-Hsien: A Chinese Cinderella (Hindi/English); Alphabetong Filipino (Filipino/English)